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Invest in Gold, Gold Futures, and Gold Options - Get Up To 50% In Targeted Annual Returns

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The Rabah Force trading strategy is brought to you in partnership with Mayfair Brooks. It was first launched in 2021 and involves investing in the gold market. The strategy has delivered an average monthly return of 5%, and an average annual return of 50%.

Why Choose Rabah Force?


Managed Accounts

The Rabah Force strategy is available as part of a managed account service. This means that expert investors do all the trading for you.

Innovative Strategies

The Rabah Force strategy focuses specifically on the gold market. It involves trading physical Gold, Gold Futures, and Gold Options.

AI-Powered Technology

The Rabah Force strategy is driven by AI technology. It uses AI-powered trading systems to monitor the markets and identify potential opportunities.

Why Choose A Managed Account?

Fast Onboarding

Get easy access to the markets. You can set up a managed trading account in a matter of minutes. And there are no onboarding fees!

Hassle-Free Trading

Embrace a new approach to trading. The strategy is managed by a team of highly trained and experienced investors.

Built-In Risk Management

Leverage the power of technology. The strategy uses AI-powered systems to implement expert risk management techniques and best practices.

How It Works

Open A Manage Trading Account In 3 Easy Steps


Open an online trading account with StereomaFX.


Fund your account with a minimum deposit of $100.


Request access to the Rabah Force trading strategy.

Why Choose StereomaFX?

Secure Accounts

Your trading account is your name. You are the only person who can access your account or withdraw the account funds.

Full Transparency

Get access to your performance reports. You can check your trading positions simply by requesting the reports from your account manager.

Local Support

StereomaFX is a forex and CFD brokerage based in Nigeria. With the Rabah Strategy, you get 24/5 customer support via phone, email, and live chat.


Mayfair Brooks

Expert Management

Mayfair Brooks is a trading strategy provider. They offer managed account services in partnership with select forex brokers and hedge funds. They are an international company with representatives in London, Dubai, Johannesburg, Sofia, Budapest, Bucharest, and other cities worldwide.

Exclusive Strategies

With €20,000,000 under management, Mayfair Brooks offers a wide range of AI-powered trading strategies. As part of our collaboration, we have invested $250,000 in their Rabah Force trading strategy. This means that StereomaFX clients can now get access to the same strategy for just $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rabah Force strategy is brought to you in partnership with Mayfair Brooks.

We use high-frequency trading and arbitrage trading techniques. High-frequency trading involves using sophisticated algorithms to execute trades at a rapid pace. By doing this, we can take advantage of small price discrepancies that may exist in the market for only a brief period. Arbitrage trading, on the other hand, involves buying an asset in one market and selling it in another at a higher price. Together, these trading techniques enable us implement an effective market-neutral strategy.

A market-neutral strategy aims to generate returns while minimizing exposure to the overall direction of the gold market. It involves simultaneously buying and selling different assets within the gold market to create a portfolio that is relatively insulated from market movements. In this way, the strategy seeks to capture profits based on the relative performance of different assets within the market rather than the overall direction of the market itself. As such, market-neutral trading offers more opportunities for robust risk management.

The gold market offers great investment opportunities. Our gold market-neutral strategy involves buying physical gold and short selling gold futures contracts. By doing this, we can benefit from the difference in price between the physical gold and the futures contracts, regardless of whether the overall price of gold goes up or down. This allows us take advantage of any discrepancies in price between the two assets. Our strategy also involves trading gold options.

This strategy uses an AI-powered trading system. The AI system can continuously learn from market data and adjust the trading strategy to optimize performance. This learning capability allows it to identify patterns and market trends that may not be immediately apparent to human traders, providing an edge in the market. The AI system can also help identify market opportunities for arbitrage and high-frequency trading. By analysing large amounts of data, the system can identify price discrepancies and execute trades quickly and efficiently. This helps to minimize the risk of losses and increase profits.

Market-neutral trading in gold can be a useful strategy for investors who are looking to generate returns while minimizing their exposure to market risk. However, it requires a thorough understanding of the gold market and the assets that are being traded. In addition, it is important to carefully manage risk and to employ appropriate risk management strategies, such as stop-loss orders and position sizing, to protect against losses. By choosing the Rabah Force strategy, you can get access to a gold trading strategy. You can also benefit from having the expert account managers at Mayfair Brooks implement a market-neutral trading strategy for you.

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